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There are two blogs: one for greener living and one for personal success—the Naturals Blog and the Empower Blog


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The empower blog

To be the best version of ourselves, we sometimes need to get out of our own way. This blog is about fulfilling our own potential, while realistically dealing with hurdles along the way. I share practical yet inspiring steps that have improved my personal life and career. Everyone can live with energy, positivity, and purpose. You deserve it!

The naturals blog

Welcome! I created this blog to share my steps towards becoming more health-conscious and environmentally-friendly. My goal is to find small changes that reduce effort, expenses, and clutter. I share tips, food, and products that create a more eco lifestyle without giving up any of the comforts of modern life. Simple is easy.

The books

I’m always surprised at how freely people talk, given an ear to listen. From this, I often find myself offering advice to friends and family. Over the years, I’ve searched for answers, noted the best mantras, and tried them out in practice. It’s time to consolidate these findings and send them back out into the world to share.


If you can’t put it in you, then you shouldn’t put on you.

I’ve always believed in this saying, but what does this actually mean? What does daily life look like for someone who truly believes this? I had always acknowledged this belief, but I never took the next steps to put it to action. I finally started listening to my body and gradually substituting or eliminating unhealthy products.

Home is where the heart is.

I also believe in this saying, although I often think of it as, “home is where the fuzz is” (cue those snuggly blankets). Eventually, my understanding of this phrase grew. I learned that everything is where the heart is, including happiness.

As more people started coming to me for advice, I decided that I wanted to share the goodwill far and wide. There’s too much happiness, opportunities, and success in the world for me to keep it all to myself. I believe that we’re here for a reason, and that reason is to make the world a better place.

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Rise to the challenge

How high can you go?


Why two blogs?

I see two different approaches to personal well-being: internal and external. The Naturals Blog involves what you take from the world; the Empower Blog involves what you give back to the world. It’s all a cycle where your internal well-being affects your external impact, but not everyone is ready for both journeys at the same time. Here’s a quick summary:

Naturals BlogEmpower Blog
FocusInternal well-beingExternal well-being
Topics– Food
– Nature
– Eco-friendly products
– Inspiration
– Positivity
– Personal and professional success
What You Can Learn– How to reduce plastic
– How to avoid toxic products
– Ideas for plant-based food
– Ways to appreciate nature
– How to become more positive
– How to achieve your goals
– Ideas to discover your purpose
– Ways to live your best life

Feel good inside and out

Are your food and products helping you?

Where it began

Out with the toxins, in with the power food.
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A DIY sugaring recipe that actually works (with pictures to prove it).
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My kind of candy bar

I recently discovered a new treat, and of course I wanted to share!
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Hello Citrus Books

Take care of yourself! By taking care of our mental and physical health, we also help the world and people around us. A better world starts within. To help you get there, we have books on all aspects of life, such as happiness, thoughts, and friends. Check out the publications below to find inspiration and encouragement for your next personal development goal.

If you enjoy books from Hello Citrus™, remember to visit the Empower Blog for additional motivating content.

Available Now

  1. My Little Book of Happy
  2. Daily Journal

About the Author

Elena Josaya shares secrets that she’d want to find if she reincarnated. Knowing that a happier world starts within, she focuses on personal development books and lifestyle blogs. Her publications include My Little Book of Happy: 50 Tips for Finding Yours and Daily Journal: Food for Your Brain. As a classical performing artist with an advanced business degree, Elena’s writing is both inspirational and practical. You can find her in Milwaukee, WI and online at hellocitrus.com. Connect on Instagram @lovehellocitrus.


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