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Take care of yourself! By taking care of our mental and physical health, we also help the world and people around us. A better world starts within. To help you get there, we have books on all aspects of life, such as happiness, thoughts, and friends. Check out the publications below to find inspiration and encouragement for your next personal development goal.

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  1. My Little Book of Happy
  2. Daily Journal

About the Author

Elena Josaya shares secrets that she’d want to find if she reincarnated. Knowing that a happier world starts within, she focuses on personal development books and lifestyle blogs. Her publications include My Little Book of Happy: 50 Tips for Finding Yours and Daily Journal: Food for Your Brain. As a classical performing artist with an advanced business degree, Elena’s writing is both inspirational and practical. You can find her in Milwaukee, WI and online at hellocitrus.com. Connect on Instagram @lovehellocitrus.


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