Hello Citrus™

Daily Journal

Start the day out right!

The first hour of your day is the most important, because what you focus on sets the tone for the rest of your day. Every day can be a good day if your mind begins it that way. You can easily create a day filled with mindfulness and positivity by journaling during your morning routine.

Happiness is habitual, so consistency is key. With 90 days of guided prompts, this journal will keep you on track for positive change—one day at a time. Each prompt is designed to build thought patterns around gratitude, goals, and affirmations, with changing questions to keep you engaged and fulfilled.

This is a companion journal to My Little Book of Happy: 50 Tips for Finding Yours, also by Elena Josaya. You can complete this journal on its own, although it will be the most meaningful after reading My Little Book of Happy first. Both the book and this journal are available in print and electronic formats.

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